Its like a knife in my back!

It would be so much easier to get to sleep at night if my shoulder didn't ache so much

Worried your chest pain could be your heart?

Burning Pain under your shoulder blade

How awesome would it be to not have to worry about your nagging sore shoulder when you relax or go to bed?

If these symptoms sound like you, I have some great news for you. This pain could be a thing of the past. Rib problems can be very annoying and painful but can also be relatively simple to treat.

At the Ryde Holistic Wellness Centre we empower and enable people in living their lives pain free, mobile and in control of their long term health. We do this naturally and without the use of drugs or surgery. We achieve this by combinig the skills of multiple health professionals to treat you emotionally, physically, energetically and nutritionally. This approach gets great results and provides long term solutions.

Ribs and why they ache so much.

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Pain runs from your back around your side to your chest!

Ribs are constantly moving. That is because they are part of your chest and assist in breathing. When a joint gets inflammed it hurts to move it. Ribs commonly get inflammed and with the movements of breathing the rib aches, burns or in acute cases gets very sharp pain.

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Doug Eldred is our rib pain expert.

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